An anniversary of the time.

Happy anniversary. Good evening. My name is Miyuki Hibashi.

The anniversary was established in 1920 by the Life Improvement Committee.

This is how we made a mutual promise to be punctual.

I remember a device called an oil timer.

It works like an hourglass, with the inside filled with water and some colored oil.

If you flip it over, the water won't move, but the oil inside will follow and drop down as polka dots.

I like the oil timer, so I watched it forever.

bright colors falling down one by one with precision.

There are ones that turn the pulley and ones that have 2 colors and cross each other.

When I have an urge to destroy it, I squash the oil timer to make the oil fine.

Then, the lumps of the size of the spot struck with the tip of a toothpick randomly overlap and flow down.

the intersection of order and disorder.

It was one of the charms of an oil lighter.

When I was a single digit old, I liked to lie down with an oil timer on my eyes when I had a fever and my head was fuzzy.

You can see the outside scenery while you are on the water.

Blue or green polka dots that appear blurred out of focus at the edges of their eyes.

The cold, spreading under the eyelids, improved life through order and disorder.

I'm kind of tired.

I think I'll have a midnight snack. It was Hiroki Nikkyo.

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