Hills seen from Monomi Yagura

Good evening, everyone. My name is Nippashi Yuki.

It's getting cooler in November.

It gets very cold in the morning and evening, and the futon with a maisame pattern is also very useful.

When it was night yesterday and there was no cloud in the sky, I decided to sneak out of my house and take a walk.

Bring a flashlight with you and head toward the river.

I was not particularly nervous, and while walking, covering up the stress in my brain with a bush of jagged leaves, and covering it with the stress of my brain, I came to the watchtower that I had never seen before, while thinking vaguely that it was like a fairy tale of a fictional padlock key.

A female college student quips.

"This looks good on the poster."

But can we climb it?

Thinking about such things, the desire to enter into it grew more and more, crawling through my arteries and veins, causing my goose bumps to stand.

But I decided to sneak up on private property to see if there could be a more obvious fence, a non-public billboard, and more of the people's personal belongings and stuff.

In terms of the building, you will slowly climb up the ladder to the second floor.

Strangely enough, there is no residential area around.

There are endless hills and lots of grazing sheep.

I was surprised.

Then, I ask myself where Maisamechou that I have seen has gone, as my mind becomes clear.

There were a bow and three arrows beside him.

I will light the tip of the arrow well with my smartphone. It seems to be real.

The real one is not a rubber sucker on the tip like a child uses, but a real arrow that has the sharpness to shoot an animal.

I didn't know whether I was seeing a dream or a reality, but when I pulled my cheek, I couldn't tell whether it was a dream or reality because I felt cold and high.

So he fixed his arrow once and aimed at the sheep. The first, with a string of arrows,
It hit the edge of the tower and fell down. The second arrow forms a bow and falls far before the sheep.

Somehow I got to the point, and I pulled myself back as hard as I could and let go of the arrow gently.

An arrow slams through the wind and flies away.

Then he made a slight thud and shot through the earth at the tip of the sheep's nose.

And the sheep ran away in surprise.

I was startled to see if I hit it or not.

and his fingers trembled and he was horrified at what he had done.

Why could I draw a bow when I can only kill mosquitoes?

Even though it was only three shots, why was he able to shoot so precisely that he surprised sheep?

I was so scared that I went down the watchtower slowly, and when I got my feet on the ground, I was not particularly tired, but I was out of breath and my shoulders were moving up and down.

Now I realize that I'm glad I didn't hit it.

And I hurried toward the house.

However, when he suddenly became curious and looked behind him, he could not find the watchtower.

The next morning, I went to the place where the watchtower was, relying on my memory, but there was no watchtower there after all.

Instead, it was a cemetery, and in the middle of it was a tomb with some gilts on it;

I went to a nearby convenience store and bought mineral water and a handkerchief, and I lightly wiped the dirty part of the grave.

I am sure now that the grave owner wanted to shoot the arrow again.

Then, I regretted that I should have learned Kyudo by correspondence.

The dinner of the day was Mongolian mutton barbecue. It was very delicious.

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