Jellyfish at the Ashidako Aquarium

Ashidako Aquarium is located on the south side of Maisame-cho.

In front of the aquarium

This aquarium was built by Ashidako Jugoro, who used to live frugally during the bubble era, after saving money until after the Lehman crisis.

The recent popular event is the jellyfish exhibition.

Nippashi Bridge, covered with  jellyfish

Jellyfish, big and small, are singing in a long and narrow tube.

The street in this town is where you buy a stuffed jellyfish from a shop and go around the jellyfish exhibition while wearing it.

I'm one of them.

You will go around the jellyfish exhibition wearing a jellyfish mask.

I was always in a daze when I saw blue jellyfish and Atlantic Seanettle floating in the water.

The chair was cool, and I thought, maybe I could be there for about 10 hours.

And from time to time he stood up, slapped the waterweeds, and watched them run away.

I have to try not to feel superior here.

I gave myself a warning.

I, like this jellyfish, live on oxygen and carbon dioxide.

And I thought, "Oh, don't forget that." And I thought, "Oh, my blood's going to burn."

I will go home at 5 o'clock.

By the old street's torii. I will walk home.

The sky was blue

I wonder if something that floats on the ground in the blue sky is seen by other stars.

I went home talking like a sleeping talk of a mentally tired person and drank cold lemonade that was chilled in the fridge.

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