Gyudon Gunman

When you eat gyudon, you have to be quiet, calm and full.

The noisy school cafeteria around 12 o'clock is completely different, and it becomes quiet during the snack time at 14:45.

In a large corner of the school cafeteria, about 13 students wearing glasses play some card game.

Summer is getting closer and the hot days are getting longer these days, I pay much attention to what I eat.

I would like to eat meat actively because I think I will lose to the heat if I eat cornflakes or calorie mate.

By the way, I topped a beef bowl with red pepper, sprinkled extra garlic thinly, and when I tried to eat it, a person who put the same beef bowl in front of me appeared.

Mr. Onbashira. The moment we met, we became gunmen going through the wilderness.

We will measure each other and break the chopsticks at any moment.

They counted 321 to each other in their hearts, and at the same time they split their chopsticks.

As if I was drinking rice, she smoothly recommended me to eat with chopsticks, and her behavior was, so to speak, clear mirror and water.

I move the chopsticks as if they were stopped.

It's not time to admire her elegance.

Eating gyudon is a life-threatening battle. It's a war that will never end.

I don't know if the air conditioner is on or not, but it is inferior to the heat outside from the automatic door.

The body temperature gets hotter and hotter.

I started to want water little by little, and I managed to finish eating while the chewing power became weak.

When I see her, she is still eating.

I thought I won this game, but she's kind of grinning.

If you look closely, there is another empty bowl next to the one she is holding.

No way! Well, I lost. I fell down on the desk.

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