Today is Tanabata

Good evening! It is Nippashi Yuki.

Today is Tanabata! It's an annual meeting where Orihime and Hikoboshi can meet.

I went to eat a steam pot for lunch and went to college after a short sleep.

At the university, the alumni association arranged Tanabata bamboo leaves for me, and I tried to follow them.

The bamboo set outside is smooth by the sunshine in early summer.

You put tanzaku in the box under it.

Well, I mean...

On pink strips, "I hope that the town of Maisame gets more excited and the world of Vtuber gets more excited."

I asked. (It's a secret that I asked 100 people to sign up for a YouTube channel.)

It's a nice quiet night today, isn't it? What kind of wish did everyone make?

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