Kirigai [Male in 40s]

When it rains, I go to the nearest bus stop.

Because I just want to hear the sound of rain somehow. The rest area at the bus stop was, as usual, a wooden cone filled with rainwater and had an indescribable color.

I'm typing hello on my smartphone as I lean against a wall of jellyfish dimly lit by the light.

Then, a man of about 40 years old put some drops on his right shoulder. He looked very tired.

I scratched my right cheek and yawned twice.

"Our company is a mess. There's a spider web in the corner of the conference room. And I think the spider web is hiding something. My company is going to lose people one after another, and I think I'll catch up with one or two of the bones."

That's probably what you're telling me.

I immediately thought of a conference room with greyish walls.

After the mice, there must be a terrible trap that has made a number of employees go missing.

a deep pit with a pointed needle at the point where it falls or a large rolling rock. IN ANY CASE, THE IMPORTANT THING IS...

"You may need to build up your muscles."

He plucked his flabby stomach;


Then he gave me a grape flavored gum and got on the bus.

I prayed for his busy schedule and put my hands together as hard as I could to ease the strain on his brain.

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