This is the next trend! [2019 Updated]

The tapioca milk tea craze, which first caught on in early 1990, remains controversial to this day in 2019.

When the fire goes down, it will come back as an epidemic again and again, like a phoenix that crawls out from the molten lava.

Let's think about tapioca milk tea and predict the trend of sweets.

Tapioca is made by taking starch from the root of cassava and putting it together.

(From wikipedia: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Tapioca)

It has a round shape and a plump texture.

I think girls are mellowed by the feeling of sweet stroking inside their mouths.

One drawback is that you eat lumps of starch, which is very high in calories. It is a great food for girls who want to lose weight.

If so, the next thing to come will be something hard, rough on the tongue, and healthy.

I have an idea, what do you think?

Yes, it's a tree. The next trend is eating wood.

Of course, it's a little too wild to eat as it is, so you need to cut it into bite-sized pieces (The forest girl may already be hooked,).

to the point of powdering.

And you'll be glad to see the fluffy, grainy texture of the bush de noel and the rough texture of your tongue.

Professor Fumio Shimura of Shizuoka University of Science and Technology has already started research and commercialized it so that people can eat it as tea or baked sweets.

I will report as soon as there is a restaurant in Maisamechou.

What kind of wood do you want to eat?

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