eraser engraving

Good evening, everyone! It is Nippashi Yuki.

Don't you get lost on how to spend your lunch break?

After having a meal at the college cafeteria, when I had time until the next lecture, I decided to indulge in art because I was bored.

(The chair in the self-study room is cold with the air conditioner.)

What you need is an eraser, a cutter, and a love of art!

The rest is dug. I'll carve it.

I'm engraving...

After 90 minutes...

This is the one that was born together with a lot of erasers.

Do you know anything?

I felt guilty when I cut my arm.

I wonder if anyone who took her arm was horrified.

I'm sure I apologized a lot to my boss.

Maybe I was writing my resignation while drinking ale at a bar where I can hear the sound of waves, and the next day I submitted it to my boss, who put his hand on his shoulder and imagined that he would say, "Everyone makes mistakes, so you can do your best next time." when he was killed by his client's assassin. I'm scared in the Middle Ages.

Then he carefully put it away in his pencil case and went to the next lecture.

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