[must-see] Next thing popular on youtube is this! [Value]

Boom-Boom-Hello Blogers! It is Nippashi Yuki.

If you're a video game enthusiast, you can keep playing as long as the game goes on sale, but live-action YouTubers are thinking about stuff every day, whether you sleep or wake up.

I think it's hard to think about the ingredients for every day, so I came here today to offer the next popular ingredients.

In 2016, when Shacho first showed a video of rotating Beyblade in a wok, it attracted a great deal of attention with over 10 million replays.

Hand spinner became popular explosively in 2017 by Hikakin-san and Seikin-san's product introduction video. A medical rumor that unsettled children could relieve their squeamishness may have led parents to actively buy them.

Other popular products include the one-line Rubik's Cube and Yoyo.

Do you understand now?

So the next one is the merry-go-round.

If possible, you should take in the squareness of Rubik's Cube and make it square!

Kids love to spin! Airplane propellers, cotton candy production machines and luxury watches.

Children are attached to everything they turn. This is a new place to find a square thing and make a lot of videos!

The next million-reproducer is the person who was the first to show the appearance of riding on a square round merry-go-round somewhere in the world!

If you find it, please send it by direct mail on Twitte! I want to go and ride it too!

Good-bye, everyone. I will turn on the PS4 now. It was Nihonbashi Yuki.

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