[experiment] I flavored hydrogen.

Bunbunhallo Burgers! Good evening! I'm Nippashi Yuki.

Today, I'm going to report the taste of water made by exploding hydrogen!

You will need a large tub, glass cup and rubber lid. And the carbonated melon soda. (Current Melon Syrup Juice) Hydrogen, and fire.

And I'll leave an owl figurine as a lookout.

First, you throw hydrogen into tap water.

Cover the cup with a rubber lid to prevent the hydrogen from coming out and accumulating in the cup.

Once the hydrogen is completely reacted, the glass is dipped in melon-syrup juice to season the air and replace it with water.

This completes the melon soda flavored hydrogen!

Remove the test tube from the syrup juice and (Turn the bottom up at this time.)

You light a lot of 100 yen lighters at home and bring them close to test tubes. (Because my mother smokes.)

I didn't hear any sound, but I'll lick the entrance of the test tube because the inside is cloudy.

It tastes like melon soda!

The result tasted like melon soda!

It was very sweet! Everyone, please give it a try under the supervision of parents and pay attention to safety! Bye!

(※This in fake experiment.)

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