before dawn

At night, as if the stars had caught a cold, Dad was quiet behind the sliding door as usual, and the mother saw her snoring loudly through the door.

I sneaked out of the house.

It is to take a walk in the morning.

Morning dew, for example, is attached to the surface of a weed that covers one side of a field and diffuses moonlight.

a drum in which shadows made by overlapping trees can be seen in the form of a face.

an early horn on which a chicken blows.

I wanted to see something like that that I could never see on a familiar street corner.

It was still cold in the morning, although the heat due to abnormal weather continues.

I wear my favorite pink innerwear inside, put my sandwich in my bag, put some corn soup in a small tumbler, and sneak out of the house.

A quiet town.

Thinking that a lot of life goes on here in the daytime as you don't know it makes your heart beat faster.

I walked a little noisily through the quiet concrete and found something nice.

It's a puddle with a cow pattern. The soft light from a nearby vending machine is reflected on the water surface in a patchy pattern.

I took a picture of it with a Polaroid camera I borrowed from an acquaintance, and tucked it into my notebook.

And with a ham and egg sandwich that I had brought from home in my hand, I dropped in at a small park nearby.

The sky is black.

I waited for the world to wake up with sandwiches and corn soup in my hands.

Good morning, everyone. When I thought so, a newspaper delivery bike ran past me.

It's about time my mother got up.

I thought so, so I sneaked home and opened the curtain of the window wide. Because I am the first to monopolize the new view of the new morning of the day.

What's new today?

And I found myself sleeping on the bed.

My mother is mad when I open her eyes.

I'm sure you're going to get mad at me because I'm so late.

Good morning, everyone.

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