lazy license

I couldn't concentrate on the class today, so I skipped it.

Because I was not interested in the secret of the rope pattern of Jomon Pottery.

It seemed more important to me today to watch the birds eat fish.

I went to the river.

There is a river about 10 class river 10 minutes' walk from school.

The river is a little high so as not to overflow, and there are many benches beside it, which is a rest area.

But it was not easy to see.

I thought it would be all right, so I kept looking at it, and a big white bird flew into the river.

Here comes the bird. I wish I could have a fish soon.

I saw him groom for about five minutes in the river. I wonder what it is.

They do the same things you do when you wake up in the morning and wash your face. I wonder if birds wash their faces.

Thinking about it, she put a fish in her mouth. And I had a drink.

Oh, it goes so easily. I wonder if I can taste it.

He is casually groomed, as if nothing had happened.

One life became food. That word remained in the corner of my head, but when I ate the gyudon in the school cafeteria, that idea blew away.

I was just hungry.

Come to think of it, I forgot to eat breakfast.

Oh, I want to eat sushi today.

I took the next lecture while remembering the taste of salmon.

(I want to eat sushi where many lives gather.)

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