Memories of first time drinking

I can drink alcohol because I am 21 years old.

But I don't usually drink. It makes me sad to drink.

When I turned 20, I went to an izakaya by myself. because I wanted to legally drink.

I don't know what to order for my first appetizer.

As I have a childish tongue, I ordered a bird menu from one end to the other.

Karaage, Yakitori, Chicken Namban, Chicken Doria

I think I ate all the chicken that night.

What I drank that day was beer. I don't remember the brand well.

Anyway, it was bitter and strenuous, and I didn't know why this was a sanctified position for adults.

When I drank half of a small mug, the remaining potato salad for Otoshi looked like a round bowl. It has a cow pattern and looks like it bounces a lot.

For me, the potato salad looks like a beef bowl, but I was just worried because I knew it was a potato salad.

And then chicken namban looks like a horse standing on its head.

And the chicken doria looks like a witch's pot.

I was just scared. And I was sad.

I felt that I had no right to drink, but at the same time, a vague anxiety that my throat would become too old to grow up ran through my drunken head, and tears came from my eyes.

After I finished a small mug, I decided to pay for a night breeze.

I drank a drink, but I get very thirsty.

This is the bitterness of beer, or something bitter that will make you thirsty.

If you drink something bitter like alcohol, you will get thirsty.

When I passed by the torii, there was a vending machine where I bought apple juice. It's the one you can drink a lot.

The big moon shone above the birds.

It was a discovery that the night wind felt better than usual.

I held the apple juice up high against the moon, and drank it to the moon that I saw on the night of adulthood.

Let's drink to that memory!

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