Dragonfly person

After having finished the class of today's literature outline, I went to the dining room

Beef bowl 200 yen, today's set meal 380 yen

In the dining room provided at a bargain price, there is hanging many students

There are 17 vending machines, and counter each Japanese, Western, and Chinese style is open at time of noon and the evening

A woman of the raven-black hair sat down in front when I drank apple juice while enjoying the ornament of the owl which I bought at a general store in the day

She puts a bowl before the second cup and eats single-mindedly

I am a person eating well,; but as her

It has been assumed that it was rude to stare at the person who ate for her way of eating adorably while thinking

After having eaten two cups of beef bowls, I sounded a throat, and she swallowed water and put it back to the return entrance quickly

There is the key ring of the dragonfly when I look on an original desk. Is it her thing left behind? I picked up the dragonfly and ran after her

However, the time fell on time of 放課 just right, and many people thronged to the dining room.

I scent out the mountain and chase only her brain. I seem to be taller than me.

However, it is separated steadily and. I arrived at the parking lot and I watched that she got on a yellow car and was defeated by a heartbeat of the heart and it was absentminded and has seen it off when I followed it while I ran somehow

The dragonfly which seems to be her key ring in a hand. As a result of having thought, I nominated that I just take it home and look for her for a choice, but will think what I should do how if private properties are returned suddenly by the person who does not know it. A timid person in me raised a head when I thought about such a thing

I sent the dragonfly to the student as losing for the time being

The name of characteristic of a place and the car and me. There are none that there is a wonderful encounter from one lost article. My theft may be doubted by returning it directly

And I went home while writing greasy sweat as sweat

Cold apple juice is delicious.

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