Counseling about cat thieves.

It was raining that day.

When it rains, I go to the station with my favorite black adult umbrella

If you walk for about 7 minutes worrying about the puddles on your skirt, the usual familiar station will meet me. The roof is conical and purple.

I sat on a bench far from the entrance to Nakano, and I was enjoying the creaking of the humid rain at the station.

When I saw it the other day, graffiti and jellyfish stickers were sticky in the rest area, but the graffiti was erased. Instead, for some reason, there's a lot of phosphorescent tape on it, and it's just kind of flickering in the daylight and flickering in the rest area.

Then a girl dressed in white came up. I think he is 6 years old. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

She held a polka-dot umbrella and smoothly stopped the umbrella with velcro tape.

He looked at me and said that he was enjoying the rain facing the same direction as me for a while.

"For example, if you have a group of bad cats trying to steal a treasure, do they take a picture of what they've stolen and give it to Insta?

I wish the cat thieves would steal an acorn full of treasure boxes.

What do you think the cat and cat thieves should have in the treasure box in the poster?

I was in the mood of a gang of thieves.

Imagine you're covering your face with a perforated mask.

I said, "A lot of fish."

After glancing at me, she said, "It's realistic." and got on the bus and left.

The moment I heard the name of treasure box, I imagined that there was a lot of money in it, and it was the best fantasy for me who managed to figure it out.

It looks like a faded, boring adult for a girl.

That's too bad.

Like Gene Kelly, I thought of getting him wet while singing "If you sing in the rain" but I was ashamed to think that the part that could not take the plunge to do so had been dyed a faded color.

Let's buy a strawberry parfait at a convenience store on the way home.

This was the best fantasy I could do.

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