I tried be may sick.

Good evening.  Nippashi Yuki is suffering from May disease.

How do you know you're sick in May?

Because when I'm awake in broad daylight, I think of the dark cellar of the futon on my bed, fancy myself in it, and wonder only how happy I am when I'm wrapped in it and hugged by it.

Then he frowns, wakes up, and tries to get through the lecture of the university

But this time, every letter in the textbook you're looking at prevents you from being immersed in your studies, just like Rashomon.

In that case, I often go home and take a bath.

It's even better to bring in underwater goggles.

Turn off the light in the bathroom, go wild, lie on your back, and keep staring at the bubbles in the bathtub under the dim light.

I enjoy bubbles.

After you get out of the bath, buy an apple that is not glossy enough and bite into it at room temperature.

By cutting a knife into the shape of a rabbit, you can imagine in your head a rabbit happily flying in the full moon, and fall asleep hugging the idea of happiness in the cave you wished for in broad daylight.

Dream of a rabbit apple

An apple rabbit that can sleep in itself will gently lean against the May sickness that was hurt in the days without rest.

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