I consulted at the rest area at the bus stop

There is a waiting room and a rest area at the bus stop 7 minutes walk from my house. The roof is conical and painted purple, and yesterday the walls were lined with three benches surrounded by wood.

Recently, when it rains, I sit on the bench there and listen to the sound of rain and take a rest looking out.

It has been a long time since it was built, so graffiti and jellyfish stickers are stuck on it.

And sometimes I wander around in the rest area of the bus stop, trying to trace graffiti with my fingers and peel off stickers to kill time.

Strangely enough, at that particular time, a lot of people come to the bus stop, sit by the door and tell me their problems.

Today, a young man wearing a red and yellow checkered shirt came to get on the bus.

The next bus will take about 10 minutes. The young man looked at me and said what he thought.

"For example, suppose I was sent to the Middle Ages with a ray gun in my hand. Of course I will be attacked. I wonder if the armor in which the medieval knight was in at that time would repel my light gun."


And I said,

"You need to train your body in case you play."

I will add the knowledge I heard from Mikami-san.

"If possible, you should go to Koen Suikan Junior High School and visit the soccer club to learn about rat dance. The trunk will tighten."

The young man's face flashed. And I nodded my head twice.

"That's a good idea. If you train your body, you may be able to escape if the ball of the ray gun breaks. Thank you, you are good at listening to your worries."

I was so pleased with the words that I smiled.

The bus came after 9 minutes, and the young man left on the bus.

What an interesting problem it was.

When I got out of the waiting room of the bus, the rain was gone.

It was a pity that I couldn't see a rainbow, but I was very happy. And I went home with the yellow umbrella in my left hand.

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