Origin of Maisame Town

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Nippashi Yuki.

Today, I'd like to talk to you about the origin of my town, Maisame-cho.

Do you know the story of 'Inaba no shirousagi'

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(出雲大社HP http://www.izumooyashiro.or.jp/about/inaba)

There is a story that a white rabbit of Inaba tricked a shark and crossed the sea with many sharks arranged on the sea.

In the end, the rabbit was stripped of its fur by an angry shark, and furthermore, it was deceived by God and given salt water, which made it hard for the sharks, who are usually violent, to come together in the first place, so there is a role to organize them.

In what order and at what intervals? And that was led by the shark in Maisame-machi.

It is said, however, that this shark was so weak that it was too small to carry a rabbit on its back.

So the shark cheered for everyone by holding a fan with a Japanese flag in both hands.

Eventually, the sharks realize that they were actually deceived by the rabbit, and they are taken responsibility for their unpleasant experiences and are expelled from the flock.

In despair, the maizame shark was swept away by the stream, and although it was a shark in the sea, it went up the river, climbed the waterfall, and reached the lake on the mountain, which is still an anecdote that remains today as the name of the place.

If you come to Maisame town, why don't you go sightseeing to the spring of Maisame?

Let's call it a day. was the Nippon Bridge Phantom of the Sun.

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