Mkami's Story 4

I finished eating shark fin. The coffee has already cooled down and the steam doesn't come out, so I can tell on my tongue that I am participating little by little.

Mikami sips a cup of coffee. I asked.

"Were you in love with that woman?"

"Maybe so. Maybe when we first met,"

"Is it love at first sight?"

"I'm embarrassed to be told to my face, but I guess so. I'm still in love."

"What? Could it be..."

"Would you like another cup of coffee?"

A woman with a yellow apron advanced me another cup of coffee. This is Tae Mikami.

"Two sugars, right? Here you go, Yuki-chan."

"Did you marry your first love?"


Tae put her hand on Saikichi's shoulder. What an enviable couple!

"Then, I'll take Tyrannosaurus home!"

"It's 250 yen."

Tae packed it in a bag very efficiently. I thanked Mikami-san and when I tried to leave the shop, I said something I was worried about.

"Tae, isn't it an incarnation of Monkicho?"

She laughed a little and put her finger in her mouth and said it wasn't like that.

I left the store. I thought it was wonderful that the clouds were dyed pink and sunset.

I go near the tree in front of the shop and smell it. The faint sweet scent tickles your nose.

In the shop, I saw her putting her hand around her husband's shoulder and cleaning up the desk.

How close we are!

I gnawed at the Tyrannosaurus's head, feeling lonely that I had no one to hold my shoulder.

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