I wont to go to camp

I am basically an indoor person, but I have time to go back to camping alone before, during or after consecutive holidays.

It's about the age of being worth seeing the morning sun outside.

After having a barbecue for dinner, the coffee is boiled with the remaining fire, and the crocodile is put on a sleeping bag to watch the bonfire.

And you want to fall asleep under a starry sky.

In the distance, there are white flowers that I don't know about, and many butterflies come there.

I was alone, boomeranging endlessly,

just running around meaninglessly

as if you're trying to lift a rock that doesn't lift up,

And you can rest your tired body in a one-person tent

On such a day, I would naturally wake up before sunrise.

When I woke up, I made coffee again and did yoga in the morning.

After cleaning up from there, I go back to my daily life with an innocent face.

Dreaming of such a day, I kill time again today in the home center camping gear section.

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