[advertising] Sanjo-bakery Shinsan's product! Thiirano Saurusupan!

Bunbun hallo Bloggers! It is Nippashi Yuki.

Today, I would like to tell you about the new products of Mikami bakery.

As you may already know, the Tyrannosaurus has been added to the predator series at the Mikami bakery.

Cut the coupe and sandwich the pastrami beef. It has a spicy taste with mustard. The taste of the meat will be stronger if you eat it from the head.

We talked with Saikichi Mikami, the manager.

Me "Where did you pay the most attention to?"

The owner Saikichi.

Mikami "Dinosaur-loving children can put that strong Tyrannosaurus into their bodies. I thought that the sculpture that satisfies such sadness would tickle my child's mind, so I tried hard. Well, it's just a little difficult to shape. We only have 20 for 1 day. They are always sold out by the morning, so please purchase them as soon as possible.";

The list price is 380 yen. Why don't you eat it when you want to be strong?

Please let us know what you think when you eat.

Tirano sareusupan is delicious.

There are still a lot of predators in the series, so I would like to introduce them to you again!

See you all. It was provided by Mikami bakery.


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