Mikami's Story 2

Mikami made me hot coffee in a white cup and melted two cubes of sugar. I'll go on.

"It was a very sunny day in summer. But I think it was around the end of May, not summer vacation. The soccer club was active on the ground where you and the sun shine.

The practice starts at 7 AM, and by 8 o'clock, he's already exhausted. We were lying on the burning sand in the corner of the field. At that time, the director of the adviser was on a business trip. There was a spider's web on a nearby tree, and a butterfly was entangled in the center of the spider's web. ”

I had American coffee. I think it's less bitter and delicious. I vaguely recall Mikami playing Buddha in Akutagawa Ryunosuke's 'Spider's thread'.

"I poured my water tea on the spider's web just on a whim. The spider, perhaps surprised, helped the butterfly while it was moving to the corner.

The butterfly flung off the spider's thread, shook it on his fingers, and shook off his legs several times, and, I think, had lost at least one leg. and flew beyond the fence.

After a while, the janitor came to work. After that, when he started to repair the roof of club activities, he started practicing again. The content of the training is meaningless. a dash to shave off. It's just a tight marathon. The trend then was not sports theory but guesswork. No one could go against the practice. I thought I was practicing. 」

I had a sip of coffee. Warm samepan is swimming in its mouth. In my diet, the manager of the soccer club would yell at me.

Mikami's story was just like the scene that I associate with the word club activities. I think the scene and the story of the insect make me feel more like a jubnile.

After that, I practiced for another three hours and finally had lunch.

”The place to eat lunch is decided by each grade. My senior in the third grade is under a tree. The seniors in the second grade are in the club room. It's a rule that the sophomore cleans the club room after the meal. And freshmen are near the fence. Well, that means freshmen couldn't get in the shade.

The freshman went to cover the water in the extreme heat of the day, and I happened to be by the fence and was late to cover it.

Then someone called to me. It was a girl's voice. ”

(To be continued next time)

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