I watch TV when I can't sleep.

The rain that continues from yesterday makes me feel the arrival of summer, and I get depressed thinking that the rainy season will start soon.

I was drinking Earl Grey with a fan. I don't know the taste after all.

The next morning, people just think that there will be more umbrellas, which is a single piece of luggage, and it makes them wonder if their hearts will sink that much.

I went to bed early and started thinking positively in my head.

a puppy that barks at a lost beehive, for example.

Torii gate taking medicine

No way. I can't daydream at all today.

So I turned on the TV and started to zap and watch.

news of celebrity releases

News of the celebrity's marriage announcement

news that an entertainer was hired for a new commercial

The next show I watched was a comedy show.

It was a hopeless program to play soccer while playing puzzles, but the sports that forced me to use my head and body unintentionally broke my face.

A soccer ball was cut into the hand of a person who is doing a jigsaw puzzle which is about to complete 3 pieces.

All my troubles came to nothing. and the pieces of the puzzle are scattered around.

And then the umpire ran up and said, "Hand."

It's so unreasonable.

But I wonder why I feel so relieved about the irrationality made.

I wonder if something will happen tomorrow morning that will make you laugh at the fact that you have one more umbrella.

I knew that, so I slept soundly that night.

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