Water candey is quiet.

Good evening. I'm Nippashi Yuki.

Well, I decided to go to a nearby park during my lecture today.

because I thought I needed time to shine sunlight.

I have been suffering from illness in May since the Golden Week holidays, and I don't think I have Rashomon in my head.

So I stopped by the park for fun.

There were several stalls standing side by side in the park.

I didn't know why the stalls were lined up at this time of the year, but I thought it was like a festival.

The food stalls were Frankfurt, starch syrup and rice balls.

I decided to buy starch syrup from them. It's 120 yen.

The starch syrup has a round shape and looks like a pair of glasses.

The park is quiet. I didn't even talk about starch syrup.

The round shape seemed to hold the silence inside.

It will glitter in the sunlight.

I decided to take a look at the starch syrup somehow

I felt that the blue sky, through the silence, had healed the mist of my mind.

And I would open my mouth wide, I would hold it up, I would sit on the bench, and I would enjoy the silence in my mouth until the next lecture.

When I went to lecture at the scheduled time, I felt a strange sensation.

I usually don't care at all, the sound of other students tapping their desks with pencils, grinding their teeth, rubbing their clothes.

I did not find them strange and uncomfortable, but rather it was a pleasant feeling as if they hit my sympathetic nerve as a massage.

When you look at the textbook, the letters come through your eyes.

Through the starch syrup. the accuracy of their eyes was adjusted.

I enjoyed the class with tranquility to my heart's content.

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