A disappointing hike

I went to the mountain with a water bottle from yesterday morning

I leave my house around 9 AM and walk for about 30 minutes to climb Mt. Arazakidake.

If you climb up to the middle of the mountain for about 20 minutes, you will find a place where there are no trees and grass grows.

I wonder if it was because everyone went to amusement parks in the Kanto area that I could enjoy the scenery alone without anyone.

There were two big mountains in the back, and I lay on the grass there and looked at the sky vaguely, but unfortunately the clouds seemed to be more hazy than at noon, so I came back after spending about 30 minutes.

But when I was basking outside in the sun for the first time in a while, I felt like my body was emitting the smell of the sun, and I ate a sandwich at home while remembering the sweet smell of the rain and the smell of fresh leaves of the flowers of this season which changed from April to May which I forgot as an adult.
I just ate during Golden Week.

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