Mikami's Story 3

Mikami continues.

"Hi," I said. she answered, with all her might. and the sweat of his brow drips down his chin

Time passed. Her cheeks were flushed. And I didn't know her name.

I thought the flushed cheeks were sunstroke, so I offered her a water bottle. Are you there? I asked, and she said she didn't want it. He went on to say that he had received a lot.

It was the first time I met her, and I didn't remember doing anything for her.

Did I give you anything? I said. Yes, she answered. Then he laid his hand upon his gentle breast. I and she looked at each other through the wire mesh. The wind that passed through the shirt I was wearing was comfortable. She asked me to come closer, and I followed her. And put your finger through the gap in the net. I suddenly grasped his finger. She wore plain clothes in spite of her school grounds. I didn't know how to call him, but he was wearing a yellow one.

And she left after saying good luck. I could not forget for a long time the touch of the palm which touched that finger.

When the practice starts, the soccer ball hits the palm. I could not forget her fingertips in the pain. The time passed around 7 PM and the practice of the day was over.

When I got home, I found a monkey on a tree in my garden. I was exactly the same colour as the butterfly that I saved this afternoon.

And, well, it didn't suit her at school at all, but she often came to the practice games on Saturday and Sunday, the general athletic meet, and the school events where outsiders could enter.

She always wore the same yellow clothes. 」

(Next time is the last time.)

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