a meeting of needless anxiety1

When it rains, I often go to the bus stop.

or, to be precise, in the rest area,

There is no wooden light inside, so the phosphorescent lights and jellyfish stickers are dimly illuminating the inside of the rest area.

I was staring at the dim light of the rain,

"Is this the meeting for needless anxiety?" he asked.

"What is that?" I said.

I said, "No, I'm sorry." and I tried to leave, but I saw him behind me.

"You're a dragonfly! The other day, the person who ate two bowls of beef rice bowl and forgot the dragonfly key chain!

The dragonflies were a little annoyed.

"Are you saying I'm a glutton?"

he said with a little anger.


"I was looking for a dragonfly key chain. Do you have it?"

She held out her hand, so I gave her the apple candy in her pocket.

"I don't have it. I left it at the student affairs office. This is an apology."

"Oh, thank you!"

She put the candy in her mouth and stroked my head. I felt like I was being licked and I wanted to say something mean.

"You must be a glutton to eat now."

She looked away and didn't answer.

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